Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Writing Circle by Corinne Demas

Because the First Look group has not yet finished discussing this book yet, I'm putting my review under a cut.
I found this book hard to get into. There are two false starts before the story proper really starts up (and though they're both relevant to the overall arch of the plot, it's hard to place them in their proper context at first), and once the story does start, I felt bombarded by all the different characters. Some of the characters are more fully developed than others--and the women definitely felt rounder than the men (Chris, for example, has a she-demon of an ex-wife who does everything in her power to keep him from seeing his kids. She's so bad to him and the kids that she feels like a caricature.) By the end of the book the plot was rolling along, and I liked the considerations of the themes of responsibility, revenge, plagiarism, and selfishness. Although there are still some bumps to be worked out, this book is a fun read.

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